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Successful Senior Model Team

Many photographers run amazing senior model programs and bring in a great revenue from their models. Over the years model programs have changed and gone through a variet of iterations. Early days photographers would recruit a group of high school seniors to take photos of and they would receive ambassador cards with some type of offer to hand out to friends in hopes the model would recruit numerous new clients.

Current Model Program

TBP like many other studios have evolved, or devolved, not sure how you really want to look at it. We have transformed from the past rep card system to one that focuses on a year round senior client experience. This experience comes in a variety of forms and really depicts the photographers personality. Our current program is focused on community involvement and theme shoots.

The Elite Senior Crew Experience

TBP accepts 7-10 high school students in the early spring of their junior year. We have several options to be part of the program. We offer four level of participation in our program, basic, standard, master and elite. Our basic is an indoor session, that will be their senior session and must be scheduled for the month of July prior to their senior year. The standard session is our on location, one hour senior session. The master session is our multiple location, multiple outfit, 2 hour session. Our most popular is our Elite Senior Crew, this package is our master session times 3. This is the ultimate way to capture our seniors. We photograph them throughout the year in various season. All of our sessions require an in-person sales appointment after their session.

Each of our levels comes with increasing incentives.

The key to our VIP CREW success is that every one of our senior models are paying clients.

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