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“Your Image is Crucial to Your Business”

If you are checking out this page right now, you already know that having a great headshot is important to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person operation or a Fortune 500 company. Let’s bypass the sales pitch and get to the important part: your brand. I will work with you to create images that make your business look great while working inside your visual branding. 

– I can accommodate any number of people in almost any time frame. Six people or six-hundred, our staff specializes in getting every single person a headshot they will love.

– I believe that if people enjoy the process, that they will be happier with the final product. I aim to deliver a relaxed, fun, experience that focuses on quality and efficiency. I want you and everyone you work with to look forward to “picture day” and, once you work with me, you will!

Team Headshot Sessions

Team headshot sessions can take place on-location at your office or another location of your choice.


4-9 people


Recommended that you set aside one hour for shooting time.


10-19 people


Recommended that you set aside two hours for shooting time.


20-25 people


Recommended that you set aside two and a half hours for shooting time.


25+ People Contact Us Teams larger than 25 may require a custom quote or qualify for a volume group rate. Contact us for pricing.

Need more information? No problem, click below to contact me and I will answer any questions you have.

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