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How to Order Photos

Ordering photos online is easy, no more order forms!


Simply get a text alert when your photos are ready.

You should have received an “Access Code” from Tim Barron Photography either  on Photo Day or before(if not, please Contact Us). Text your Access Code to 90738.


When your photos are ready, you’ll receive a URL to view and order your photos online.


As this new service is a direct to home service it does have a shipping charge.  Here are some tips to avoid the shipping charge.

~ Advance Pay Credits-  by purchasing advanced pay credits prior to the gallery being published you will receive standard free shipping

~  2 Week Promo -  Order within two weeks of the gallery being published receive free standard shipping (min. order 

~ After 2 weeks-  receive 10% off total order to help offset shipping

Please watch the video below to see how the system works.  Thank you and I look forward to a great year.


How to use PhotoDay
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